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December 2012



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Nov. 25th, 2011

So I posted this the day after Thanksgiving...

My roommates and I made three pies.  

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Nov. 19th, 2011


My roommates are indulging me in a favorite former college activity.  Every semester a bunch of friends and I would EvaThon, that is watch the entirety of the late 90's anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.  That's right all 26 episodes and the movie in one sitting (there are a few extended episodes as well).  

We're not doing it all in one sitting but I am really enjoying watching it again after so long (and a bit embarrassed, I forgot how terrible it was)

it really is a good story though if you take it as a whole, even if Shinji makes you want to cause harm to someone at points.  Asuka remains awesome in every way.  I still maintain that all at once is the way to go, by the time you finish with the movie you been watching TV for an ungodly number of hours and you've been up way to long and the whole experience messes with your mind (in a good way!)

Nov. 13th, 2011

Fic: The Linear Life (1/?)

Title: The Linear Life (1/?)
Author: spellweaver731
Beta: redcircewho looked at this over a year ago. I’ve made some changes and have re-edited it myself. Hopefully there is nothing too wrong with it :)
Rating: All
Characters: Rose Tyler, the Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones
Pairing: Rose/Doctor
Genre: AU, Adventure, Romance, Angst
Spoilers: Series 3. Maybe stuff from S4.

Summary: After being reunited with Rose right after dealing with the four things and a lizard the Doctor has been traveling the universe with both Rose and Martha. An encounter with the Weeping Angels leaves them stranded together in 1969 where they will have to sort out their various relationships and learn to get along in one flat while finding the way home.

Author's Notes: Sequel to Failing to Fetch Me but it is not strictly necessary to have read it. Just know that Rose used the dimension cannon a bit early and is now traveling with the Doctor and Martha in late series 3. It's short though.

Chapter 1Collapse )

Really Long and Long Overdue RL Update

So when last I posted I was going to start paying more attention to LJ and writing again.  Then RL exploded in whole new and interesting ways.

It all started when my car broke down for good (crappy, crappy car). I still owed money on it.  I’d racked up a mountain of credit card debt fixing it.  My dad offered to set it on fire in a field for me.  That wouldn’t really have helped but it was sweet. 

So then I got tons more hours/duties at the dealership where I worked (I was already was doing a lot).  This cut into my ability to do anything but work for a few months (work, sleep, forget to eat, repeat) but did enable me to buy a new one.  It is a little phone-box-blue two door with a hatchback Yaris that I love.  I call it the Yardis (or the tiny blue bubble of love).  It’s bigger on the inside and it travels in both space and time (only forwards in time I am afraid).  It’s wonderful on gas and can fit easily in my purse when I can’t find a parking space.

Right after that I got an offer to move to Philly with some friends and start a new life.   Which I took with very little consideration; a move that is not like me at all.  I basically just said ‘yes’ when my friend K said “So we are moving to Philly because J got a new job there, want to come? “

 I quit the dealership job, packed up my tiny (if bigger on the inside) Yaris and moved to Philadelphia (where it is actually not always sunny).  We rented an adorable 100 year old row house with lots of quirky details and features.  My favorite: a claw foot tub. Or maybe the stained glass window, or the huge built in pantry or wait, the stairs that go up a landing then back down into another room.

Next I cut off my waist length mousy brown hair to a short bob and died it Rose Tyler blonde as a symbolic gesture towards becoming a new me.  Also it was really hot in Philly this summer.   Blondes do have more fun as it turns out.

I was in a completely new and unfamiliar place for really the first time in my life.  I had no job, a new car, and new roommates (we all get along fabulously, btw).  I was far away from my support network and everything I had ever known (and was no closer to my SO who is still in school in Texas).

I started applying to places like mad online and posting my resume anywhere I could think.  I was calling dealerships figuring with my experience I’d be sure to find something.  Just as I was about to run out of savings I got a call for an interview.

I got that job (logistics something or other—the position was newly created and I still don’t have a title) and had to spend the last week of summer/first week of fall training in Daytona Beach (a real tragedy, let me tell you).

I spent every night on the beach and ate too much sushi.  But by far the best part was that I got to meet up with an old friend who had moved to Orlando years ago.  It was so wonderful to see him again and to find that we have the kind of friendship that can pick up wherever we left off no matter how much time had passed.  I couldn’t believe how casual and easy it was, how much we still clicked even though our lives had gone it very different directions.  Also he works for Disney and we spent the whole weekend I was there in the parks.  I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun.

Then it was back to Philly where I’ve been settling into living in a city (a really city, not like the suburbs of Buffalo where I’d spent my life so far) and a new job which I love (mostly).  I don’t have to deal with customers, phones or cocky car salesmen.

I’ve learned all about the wonders of Wawa and Tasty Cakes.   I’ve also learned to read all parking signs very carefully (a story for another day).

Philly is amazing.  We will never run out of things to do or places to see.  The nightlife is killer even if the blue laws are weird.  My roommates and I are having a blast. 

It feels like no time at all has passed since last April and now, it’s been just one major life change after another for me.   There were also traffic tickets (plural), my father being injured at work and the passing of my much beloved cat (I miss you Sadie).
In conclusion I kept waiting for RL to settle into something normal again before coming back to the fandom/people I loved here but then I realized that my life is just so different now and this is normal for me now and if I still wanted to be a part of the relationships and communities I’d found here I’d better just make the time.   So here I am making time.  Chapter of a fic to follow.  (If I can think of a title that is)

Nov. 12th, 2011

Good News Everyone!

I've got a nine hour train ride from Buffalo to Philly.  I am going to write.  I am going to write the whole way.  

I am going to work on the sequel to Failing to Fetch Me.  I do hope someone out there is still interested :)

Nov. 4th, 2011

I do love lederhosen. and scalpels.

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Lo! Who is that, skulking along the tundra! It is Spellweaver731, hands clutching an oversized scalpel! She screams apocalyptically:

"I'm going to contort you like it's a new extreme sport, then steal your lederhosen!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

Feb. 23rd, 2011

Hello Internet! Remember me?

I've been a bit absent from the internets lately (slight understatement), but I've wanted to come back and remember LJ again because it is my very favorite thing to do on the internet.  It's where fandom lives and where all my friends, rl and otherwise, hang out.   So here we go with trying (once again) to post more often.

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Nov. 3rd, 2010

Broken cars and full-time jobs

My car is broken. It is a very sad day.

In better news I should be finding out if my job is moving up to a full-time position today and that will allow me to leave my other job and only have one with normal hours...so cross your fingers.

Oct. 25th, 2010

The Nine Verse

Originally posted by nine_verse_mod at The Nine Verse

nine_verse is planning to begin a virtual series for the Ninth Doctor. They are looking for Writers, editors, historians, organizers, brit pickers, and graphic artists, but definitely writers (this project will not get off the ground without them).

If you would like to participate in one of the above capacities other than that of Writer, please see the staff sign-up. If you wish to participate as a writer, please see the writer sign-up.

I've already devoted myself to series two of the_altverse and I don't think I'll have the time for another project like this...but I am quite enamored with the idea and really want to see it succeed. So if you have the time, check it out :)

Oct. 24th, 2010

Parties and Productivity

Boy, that was some party I was at last night. The bits I remember anyway were awesome.

Things I was going to do today:
-finish my Halloween costume (I am going to be a dirigible pirate)
-work on that Rose/Ten, Martha fic I've been writing forever
-dust my bookshelves (you can write your name on them)

Things that I will do today:

-sit and read fanfic (I am reading Noble Pursuits by quean_of_swords, it quite excellent.  You should check it out if you haven't.  I book marked it ages ago to read and just now got around to it.  It's an Alt!Donna story, told mostly from her pov as she gets drawn in to the Doctor and Rose's crazy world of aliens.)
-watch Single Father (YAY!)

Very productive.

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